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president obama said he slightly there with the detroit lions, but our indicators are unconventional indicators show that if the lions win the election, mitt romney. the san francisco giants wind, obama is favored. we also look at the redskins record, and they will be playing the carolina panthers in the final game, and the redskins are slightly favored. and if they win, the incumbent is likely to win. just so you have that. now, onto our election panel. in today's abc -- excuse me come in tuesday's abc news "washington post" poll, romney and obama were separated by seven hundredths of 1%. i don't think i've ever seen anything that close. we're going to turn to michael first to talk about what he sees the election at this point and then hendry will take a look at ohio, the state we're all watching most closely. and, finally, norval look at the senate, compared with and house races. michael, let's begin. >> thank you very much, karlyn, and this is been an exciting election season here. i think we all pretty much agreed we have something of a sea change or significant change in this el
religion shows a gender gap among voters that is similar to recent presidential election. obama is pulling more support among women voters. the gap appears to be driven less by issues such as reproductive rights, abortion of course we see low salient issue for most voters including when by instrument more bite social safety net concern. at what's interesting is in recent weeks as the romney campaign has been able to close the gap despite this data showing that women are less likely to believe that programs create a culture of dependency and despite the data showing that women can more about health care as an issue. women like men are most likely to say that the economy matters in their decision, so it appears that the romney campaign and this is on how the economy is affecting women, namely that there more women in poverty under the obama administration, and the recession has hit women hard in terms of job loss. this message may be making traction among women voters. when it comes to catholics, there are several points to emphasize. while catholics overall are more supportive of obama in t
is $14 billion a year which put a spin under the george bush administration and the obama administration. where are you going to put this investment and get the money to build those additional ships? where are you going to get the sailors? talk about increasing the marines and the army, downsizing, the navy has been downsizing for a while. where are you going to get the sailors? >> my understanding is when john lehmann laid out a very specific plan there were two elements the governor has already spoken about. another element being considered. what was spoken about, first of all fifteen ships the year and second of all the three submarine's a year. so the rest of it is what we would consider. these are objective is. number 2 is how do you move the money around? when you move the money and where you take the additional money that is -- we predict we would allocate to the defense department, it is not at all surprising given the -- i don't care how good a ship -- you know very well, i don't care how good a ship is, you could only have one ship in one place at one time. if you want to have
. >> talking about immigration is what we're talking about but mrs. vilsack, president obama has been more aggressive deportation of illegal immigrants than what president bush had been. if you join congress would you be supportive of that trend continuing? >> the most important thing to make sure we secure our borders. we need to make them secure. we need to do whatever we need to do to make them them secure people who are not crossing the border illegally or guns and drugs are not crossing illegally. so we need to protect the border. i also think that we need to make sure that jobs go to lawful americans but we need immigration rerecall to. we need to make sure that there is a pathway to citizenship for 11, to 13 million people who are here, this is who are in the shadows. i'm not talking about amnesty but i'm talking about paying fine, going to the end of the line, deporting felons and we need to make sure that we also, that the young people who are here who came here through no fault of their own get a chance at the american dream because many of them have, offered their lives for thei
president barack obama tries the persuade -- to persuade voters to this remine rival is painting a veneer over conservative policy positions. that's "the wall street journal". and then this morning "the washington post" says this: candidates adopt new roles for the final stretch. on a day of high energy rallies, president obama's campaign also announced grand last minute gesture to rebut criticism that obama has no agenda for a second term. his campaign's plans to mail to 3.5 million copies of what it calls the blueprint for america's future. >> host: that's from "the washington post" this morning. and then also in "the new york times" in the morning on the election 2012 section, this is what they have to say. mr. obama's schedule and the tenor of his campaign appearances made clear that his primary mission now was to energize his own supporters and get them to vote, preferably right away. in florida where he appeared in the morning and later in ohio, the constant refrain at his rallieses was vote, vote, vote. early voting begins in florida on saturday and is already underway in ohio. the
people, dogs have good days and bad days. ask president obama from the first debate. dogs aren't always on. people aren't always on. docs can be sick. dogs can smell odors of other dogs in heat. darks consult other shown to deprive the snapshot. to be sure to because he just picked it up and ate it. all of these things mean that yes, dogs are great for searching explosives, for keeping us safe, but dog alerts should never, ever be the basis to do away with our precious constitutional right, specifically the fourth amendment. as fraud from the beginning and then i just is unfortunately haven't gotten any most cases. the cars irq, two justices, john paul stevens in the great thurgood marshall made realistic comments about what happens on the street and the facts are unimportant here, but the fact of the matter is the other justices didn't get it. it was too much legal theory. we all live in a real practical world, so those are the things i wanted to tell you in the brief time that i had. i want to tell you too much hangs and then i'm going to introduce our great dog handler and you'll see
can do. >> a question from right here in the room in the audience. president obama and governor rahm yo both said they want america to have a positive relationship with china but they must play by the rules. how well they pushed china if they think china is not playing by the rules, house specifically, dr. bader? >> how specifically will they -- >> push china if they are not playing by the rules? >> my last act in government, my last time around was second place in negotiations with a succession of the world trade organization. the world trade organization lays out in detail global rules. it was a 17 year negotiation for china, and it made extensive commitments. china used to live up to those commitments, and the u.s. and other countries particularly i would say in europe and japan need to call china on violations and work together. it's sometimes difficult. countries are fearful of retaliation and more specifically companies are fearful of retaliation but the old bin from gwyneth foundage of him together and hang separately i think is relevant here. if other countries feel that we a
security campaign advisers to president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney. speaking for the president is michele flournoy who served as his defense undersecretary for policy. and romney adviser dov zakheim who was defense undersecretary and chief financial officer under president george w. bush. they recently spoke at a conference of the military reporters and editors' association. this is about an hour. >> okay. good evening, everyone, and welcome to the military reporters and editors' annual conference. my name's ellen, i'm with the madill school of journalism which is cosponsoring tonight's event. we're delighted to have the opportunity to partner with mre because our goals are very similar. the medill national security journalism initiative aims to educate young journalists and professional working veteran journalists to better improve coverage of national security issues. much the same goals as the military reporters and editors' conference. and, um, we've got a great program tonight, so i think we should get to it. i will turn the stage over to brian bender who
with obama presidency. with respect to trying to solve the budget crisis, he is going to do so much more damage with obamacare being implemented. taxes going up because of the bush tax cuts being expired and more regulatory aggressiveness on his part. this economy is just going to crumble. >> ec regulatory issues that lay? >> well, we don't have enough time. [laughter] into the american public, the federal government uses too many regulations. absolutely. if you go in and talk to the public about the compelling parts of spending, should we spend less money on education -- no, that is her kids future. people with spending cuts or for her, but almost every individual spending cut. regulations spell out a number of regulations that they would change. during debates and other people have asked him to give them an idea of some regulations and they don't get specific. why? because most regulations are targeted. i will agree with rick that often regulations may exceed the power and often regulations are targeted, but they don't do more good than harm. having said that, you don't want to be agai
and increasing demand following with president obama has been doing to the point now the currency is devalued 40% and starting to have an effect on that position to be able to use diplomacy and to use sanctions can get some results before time runs out. let's be clear a nuclear-armed iran is a threat to the united states and israel, it is a threat to the world and we are not going to let them have a nuclear arms so we need to present these challenges and as allies we need to consult ahead of time and make sure we work together on this and if anybody has a disagreement we should resolve it behind closed doors and think about it in a unified front. we need to do this and keep moving forward. my actions speak louder than words and i think it is very clear. [applause] >> moderator: mr. fishman? fishman: i was raised jewish, not as orthodox as my parents or near as orthodox as my grandparents were but i understand what israel is and what it means. it is not just an ally to the united states. it is a place homeland and we are responsible for our own security. in this place we will not defend others be
university from boca raton florida. tonight president obama and candidate mitt romney meet in their final debate. we're looking at the media filing center also known as the spin room you see reporters from all over the world. we are just about three and a half hours over so away from the debate. live coverage gets underway at 7:00 on c-span. let's take a look and listen to the sites there in boca raton. [inaudible conversations] some of the media presence in boca raton florida to win university. we would like you to engage with us tonight from the boca raton with our preview starting in just about an hour and a half at 7:00 eastern. at - cbs news chief washington correspondent >> when i watch c-span i watch for congressional hearings and sometimes those pieces of legislation but more importantly about the house of representatives in the proceedings and speeches. on this congressional hearing subject matters like the appropriations but if you're reading something in the newspaper and get the idea that you want to get the readers to c-span and actually the reason is to get the rall informat
to put president obama in a completely different era, reach her hand up to the people's back and say, come on, do it. we will help you. we will share information. we will coordinate our policy, we will listen to you. be more assertive on the reform front. that's just an example, and again i want to stop very soon, i don't want to go to lots of other examples but there are plenty of ways in which the u.s. can help. china has to make this decision. we're not going to enforce them significantly. is to import. it can be made internally. how things that i u.s. wants to help china reform is a small positive politically for the times but might look like a that they will choose for. the flipside is would also have to prepare for unpleasantness. 10 more years of statism. that has to promise to would. it means as a partner china becomes more and more difficult, more and more subsidies, more and more criticism of american policy. undermine the trans-pacific partnership is a threat to china until. and the flipside, sorry, tom committee that is that china's growth will slow down. so the our ameri
tax hikes that president obama cab from happening in 2009. pell grants will give washington d.c., the only place when you have baseline budgeting going up by 7 percent and you're going to cut that 7 percent, you're going to keep at the same. washington d.c. is the only place where you cut the increase and they say you are cutting programs. simply not true. >>moderater: and 30 seconds. bustos: it gets down to priorities. you want to cut programs like head start, programs, keep the tax cuts for millionairess. you want to charge seniors an extra $6,400 per year, which can be faxed checked. those are the wrong priorities. the questions about making sure we are looking for the middle-class. that's why running. as my family's background family's background. in his dad had an eighth grade education and he was able to, with the help that he was able to have his family drove to a middle-class existence because of the uaw. katie -- >>moderater: the facts question comes from malik. >> this is a topic that we have touched on. you each have criticized your opponent's stance on medicare. co
a few quotes from folks have weighed in on this debate, most notably president obama and governor romney in the most recent, the first presidential debate on october 3. governor romney, every freak on has good regulation, at the same time regulation can be excessive. the dodd-frank act had a number of provisions i think it unintended consequences that are harmful to the economy. it's killing regional and small banks. i would repeal and replace it. president obama, the reason we been such an enormous economic crisis was probably by reckless behavior on wall street, inc. putting main street eristic we stepped in and the toughest reforms on wall street since the 1930s. so the question is, as in the other thing with too much oversight and regulation on wall street? senator warner of virginia, who was involved in crafting the bill, voted for it, congress never gets it right when you're looking at massive reform legislation the first time through. your direction in the air and then you come back two or three years hence to do a corrections legislation. secretary of the treasure tim geithner in
.s. it is already doing that. we need to offer technical cooperation. we need to quote president obama in completely different area, reach our hand out to the people's bank and say, come on, do it wooflt hem you. we'll share information. we'll coordinate our policies. we'll listen to you if something we're doing is spurring capital flight. be more assertive on the reform front that is an example. again i want to stop very soon. i don't want to go into lots of other examples but there plenty of ways u.s. can help at the margin. china has to make the decision we'll not influence them significantly. it is too important. it will be made internally. but the u.s. can help. having the idea u.s. wants to help china reform is small positive politically for the chinese. might make it more likely they will choose reform the flip side is we also have to prepare for unpleasantness. ten more years of statism. all right? that has two-prongs to it. it means as a partner china becomes more and more difficult, more and more subsidies. less and less responsiveness. more and more criticism of american policy. undermini
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15